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    MapleMS - List of major features

    Progressive Rates

    MapleMS was the first successful progressive EXP rate server. Grinding in Low EXP rate servers becomes tedious and boring after level 70, while leveling in Mid/High EXP rate servers is way too easy causing much of the early content to be skipped and the gameplay quickly gets stale and boring.

    Our solution is Progressive Rate EXP. At level 1 you start off with an EXP rate of 1x. The EXP rate keeps going up as you level peaking at level 200, then slowly going down again until the max level of 250.

    Level 1: 1x
    Level 10: 3x
    Level 30: 8x
    Level 50: 12x
    Level 70: 20x
    Level 100: 30x
    Level 200: 100x
    Level 250: 50x

    Also, for every character level 200 or higher on the account, you get +20% extra bonus EXP rate.
    EXP from quests and PQs is multiplied by an additional 3 times.

    Meso Rate: 2x
    Drop Rate: 3x

    You can view your exact rates at any time by typing the @rates command.

    Bonus Stats

    The game has so many unique classes, yet on most servers you only play on a single one or at most have one extra mule for the sole purpose of leeching yourself. We want to encourage all classes to be played, and also for the whole world to be explored.

    There are 4 types of bonus stats:
    • Linked stats - For every 25 total levels on unique class branches, you will gain +1% all stat on all of your characters. In total, there are 20 classes: 12 Explorers, 5 KOC, Aran, Evan, and Iron Man.
    • Crusader's Codex - aka Monster Book. For every 10 unique monster cards collected on any character, you gain +1 all stat. For every 1 monster card, you also gain +1 HP. This number stacks with the linked % mentioned above.
    • Quest Bonus - For every 10 total unique quests completed across all of your characters, you will gain +1 all stat. This number stacks with the linked % mentioned above. Quests level restrictions have been removed.
    • Achievements - For every 10 achievement points on your account, you will gain +1 all stat. This number stacks with the linked % mentioned above. Type @ach to view your achievements.
    The bonus stats are added to a special item which you can find at the bottom of your Equipment window. You can also type @bonus or @bonus2 to see a detailed list of all bonus stats.

    Item Leveling

    All equipment (including Pet) can be leveled up 5 times by simply killing monsters while having the item equipped. Each level gives the item bonus stats. Use command @equiplv to view how much EXP the item has.

    The higher the stats on the item, the higher the bonus gain from leveling.

    If you wish to achieve the highest possible stats, it is therefore recommended to scroll your gear before leveling the item.

    WDEF/MDEF/Speed/Jump/Avoid can only increase by a maximum of 1 per item level.
    All other stats level a varying amount, with MATK leveling the most (<25%), then STR/DEX/INT/LUK (<13%), and finally the remaining stats HP/MP/WATK/ACC (<8%).

    Enforcement Scrolls give you the ability to see what stats will be leveled for levels 1 ~ 5 and lets you choose whether you want to keep/deny those stats.

    Legendary Scrolls can be used to level equipment beyond level 5. It can be obtained from end-game bosses in order: Empress, Ark, Hilla, Magnus, Ranmaru.

    Tier Scrolls add an extra bonus line at the top of the item (separate from item leveling) giving bonus percentage of the str/dex/int/luk on the item (e.g. +10% all stats on the item).

    One must first use a Tier Awakening Scroll to awaken Tier I on an item. There are a total of 10 possible tiers: F, E, D, C, B, A, A+, S, SS, X, which each giving max +1%, +2%, +3%, +5%, +7%, +10%, +13%, +16%, +20%, +25% all stat.

    Every time a Tier Scroll is used, it rolls a percentage from 1% ~ max for current tier. When it rolls the max, the Tier levels up. (E.g. when you scroll a Tier S item and it rolls +16%, the item levels to Tier SS)

    Since Item Tier is not affected by normal scrolling and Item Leveling, it can be done at any time.

    Innocence Scroll resets the stats of an equip to clean stats. Item Tier is not reset.

    Permanence Scroll can be used on Pet Equips to make them permanent.

    HP Washing not needed

    MaxHP increase per level is multiplied by 1.5 for all classes. You gain +1 HP for every monster card collected in your monster book. And you can buy hp/mp with PQ points

    HP washing is not needed to survive end-game bosses (with Hyper Body). However, you can still wash if you want that sweet 30K HP.

    Widescreen Client

    MapleMS was the first ever v83 server to have a widescreen client. You can choose to play in 1280x720 or 800x600 resolution.

    Higher version content

    On top of regular v83, we have added the following towns and bosses:
    • Coke Town
    • Ninja Castle
    • Neo Tokyo
    • Lion King's Castle
    • Ulu City
    • Gate to Future
    • Cygnus Empress
    • Arkarium
    • Hilla
    • Magnus
    • Mori Ranmaru
    • And more
    Higher version cosmetics

    Thousands of cash equips, rings, pets, hairs, faces! We have thousands of tradeable Chairs and Mounts which can be acquired from the Gachapon in the Gachapon Room on the right-side in the FM. There are Surprise Outfit Boxes for a completely random makeover.

    Talk to Inkwell in FM for VIP styles.

    Evan + Custom 4th job KOC + Iron Man class

    We have fully working Evan class, all skills and entire questline working. Evan can be created by talking to Maple Admin in the first map as a level 1 beginner. You must do the quests or you won't have enough SP to max every skill.

    There is also a custom class called Iron Man which can not trade, join parties, or receive help from other players in other ways, but does have the ability to wear equipment from any job. It uses Str & Dex and receives 1 SP per level. Iron Man can only be created with a linked level of over 3000 by talking to Maple Admin in the first map as a level 1 beginner.

    KOC has custom 4th job skills to make them viable in late game. Some may require Skill Books. Click here for list of skills.

    Aran quests marked [Required] or [Skill] need to be done to receive the following skills: Combo Ability, Polearm Booster, Polearm Mastery, Final Charge, Combo Smash, Combo Drain, Full Swing.

    Skill Balances

    All skills and equips have been carefully balanced to make all classes viable in end-game.

    See list of skill changes here: https://maplems.net/forum/index.php?threads/69/

    Anti AFK leeching
    Party members must have recently attacked and killed monsters in order to gain EXP from other party members.

    Modified Party EXP formula + Buffed Party Bonus EXP
    Party EXP sharing formula changed from 60:40 damage:level ratio to 90:10 to make leeching less effective.

    Party Bonus EXP has been significantly buffed to 20% per extra party member to encourage party play.

    PQ Room + PQ Points

    All classic PQs are easily accessible through the PQ Room which can be accessed using the portal under the tree in FM.

    There is a maximum level gap of 20 levels for all PQs except Amoria PQ and CWKPQ in order to prevent PQ leeching with high-level characters.

    Collect PQ Points by completing PQs which can be used to buy various items such as Chaos Scroll, White Scroll, HP/MP, and even a Cash Ring with stats. The First Clear Of The Day on the account for each PQ gives double the PQ Points!

    Collect the special PQ Items and talk to Spiegelette to get BIS (Best-In-Slot) Eye Accessory items called Shades of Virtuosity and its bigger brother Darker Shades of Virtuosity.

    Automated Events, Event Points, Custom JQs

    Besides GM hosted events, automated events are held every 4 hours. Win the event to collect Event Points which can be traded in with one of the Event Assistant NPCs for items including an Event Ring.

    Automated events:
    • Coconut Harvest
    • Fitness Test
    • Ola Ola
    • OX Quiz
    • Snowball
    • Treasure Hunt
    • Custom JQ (20+ fully custom JQ maps)
    • Swim Quest (custom)
    • Endurance JQ
    Other GM hosted events:
    • Musical Chairs
    • Contest Stage
    • Roulette
    • Custom GM JQ maps

    Talk to the Crumbling Statue NPC in FM to compete with other players for the fastest time on vanilla JQ maps! Fastest times can win a medal from Dalair.
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    Fishing System

    Talk to Kedrick all the way on the right side in FM to learn about fishing.

    You will need a Fishing Chair, Fishing Rod and Bait. Some of these items need to be bought from Cash Shop.

    Once you have the necessary items, sit down on your Fishing Chair anywhere in the FM to start fishing! There is a 1 in 25 chance of catching a Golden Fish which can be traded in with Kedrick for various items including a Fishing Ring!

    Each character is limited to 120 regular and 120 VIP bait per day.

    Tip: Get the VIP Fishing Rod from Cash Shop to fish twice as fast!

    Class-based Global Gachapons
    Visit the Gachapon Room by entering the house all the way on the right side of the FM. Here you will find 5 different gachapons for each class as well as the Mount and Chair Gachapon.

    You can see the possible loot by talking to the respective NPCs.

    Visit the Gachapon Room by entering the house all the way on the right side of the FM. In the top left you will find the Gachapierrot who runs the Lottery!

    Every week, one lucky player will be selected to win ALL of the money that was entered that week.

    No speed cap, magic cap, damage cap
    There is no speed, magic or damage cap! With enough effort you can get over 800% speed and earn achievement points!

    Same-sex marriage
    Visit either the Church or the Chapel in Amoria to get married! Married players can challenge the Amoria PQ!

    The BIS (Best In Slot) VIP + MVP weapons are crafted through Maker. To acquire the Maker skill, you must first do the pre-quests by talking to Moren located in Magatia.

    Global Drops
    All mobs have a chance of dropping Chaos Scrolls, White Scrolls, Tier Scrolls, and Maple Leaves!

    Maple Leaves can be traded in for Maple weapons by talking to Agent E in Henesys.

    10 Chaos Scrolls can be traded in for Chaos Scroll of Goodness by talking to Cassandra!

    Chaos Scrolls work even on Pet Equips.

    CS, WS, TS drop rate scales with the monster's level:
    Level 1~50: 1/2500, 1/5000, 1/2500
    Level 51~100: 1/2000, 1/4000, 1/2100
    Level 101~150: 1/1000, 1/2500, 1/1750
    Level 151~180: 1/750, 1/1750, 1/1333
    Level 181~255: 1/500, 1/1250, 1/800

    Daily expedition limits
    Boss expeditions have daily limits per character to discourage level leeching and to encourage players to main multiple characters.

    End-game bosses are limited to 1 successful clear a day and lower level bosses 2~3 times a day.

    If you disconnect during an exped you can re-join. Leaving voluntarily using the NPC, warping out, or dying, does not let you re-join.
    Empress Cygnus/Arkarium/Hilla/Magnus/Mori Ranmaru allow 20 total deaths or the run fails.

    End-game boss pre-quests only have to be completed once on the account to join on any character.

    You can view your daily limits by typing @daily

    Expedition loot limits

    The End-game bosses Empress Cygnus/Arkarium/Hilla/Magnus/Mori Ranmaru have a limit of 1 boss coin looted per player. This is to discourage stronger players from doing expeditions with as little players as possible in order to loot more coins for themselves. This limit encourages larger squads.

    All expeditions (except for 5 endgame expeds) have a limit of max 12 players.

    The 5 endgame expeditions (Cygnus, Arkarium, Hilla, Magnus, Ranmaru) have a default size of 12 players, however up to 18 can join. If it is ran with more than 12 players, the HP of the mobs will scale accordingly (e.g. 15 players = +25% HP, 16 players = +33% HP, 18 players = +50% HP). Running with less than 12 players does not decrease the HP.

    Weekly+Daily Challenges
    Simple weekly/daily challenges. Each challenge gives a Treasure Box which has a chance of amazing loot such as Chaos Scrolls, White Scrolls, Tier Scrolls and more.

    You can view the challenges by typing @chal

    Voting Rewards
    Vote for the server every day by clicking the Vote button on our main website to earn 8,000 NX! You can vote up to 3 times a day, and you get bonus NX up to max 10K for voting every day!

    Account-based buddylist
    Any buddies you add will still show up in your buddylist even if they log in to a different character on their account! When offline, it will show the last character they were on.

    More features
    • Boss Rush PQ, Internet Cafe PQ, Mal Volence PQ, Dojo, Carnival PQ, Balrog PQ, etc.
    • Custom Medals from Dalair
    • Custom anti-cheat
    • Instant boat travel
    • Trade button warps you to FM
    • Buy megaphones for mesos with T-1337 in FM
    • Exchange 1 billion meso for Golden Maple Leaf with T-1337 in FM
    • Custom throwing stars, arrows, bullets from Ninja Castle questline
    • Max buddy list size of over 250
    • Max guild size of over 250
    • Max alliance size increased
    • Custom VIP commands like @whodrops, @whatdropsfrom, @buyback, @sell, @dps, @epm, @togglesmega....
    • Increased stack size on items
    • ...And much more!

    Type @help to view available commands in-game.
    • @ach - Shows achievements
    • @bonus - Shows bonus stats
    • @bonus2 - Shows more detailed bonus stats
    • @chal - Shows daily/weekly challenges
    • @daily - Shows your dailies
    • @dex, str, int, luk [number] - Assigns AP
    • @enableauth - Enable/Disable PIN
    • @equiplv - Shows your equips' level/exp
    • @goto - Warps to various maps. (10 minute cooldown for non-VIP). Some bosses require pre-quests started or completed at least once on the account.
    • @joinevent/leaveevent - Join/leave an event
    • @mapowner - Shows who owns the map. No KS-ing allowed
    • @rates - Shows current EXP rate
    • @revive - Use in case the revive buttons don't work/bug
    • @time - Shows server time
    • @vote - Shows whether you voted today
    For a list of VIP-exclusive commands go here: https://maplems.net/forum/index.php?threads/vip-benefits.71/

    Multi logging
    Each person may only be logged in to a maximum of 2 accounts (1 main + 1 mule) at once.

    The following things have been disabled:
    You can't log in with more than 2 clients per computer.
    You can't fish with more than 1 client at once.
    You can't join an expedition with more than 1 client.
    You can't join events with more than 1 client.

    For the full list of rules go here: https://maplems.net/forum/index.php?threads/rules.72/
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