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    Creating any form of abnormal advantage over other players is considered to be cheating and is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.
    • Hacking. All forms of hacking are forbidden. Using third party software to give oneself an unfair advantage or to inhibit another player's experience.
    • WZ Editing. All forms of wz editing that are not strictly cosmetical and thereby alter normal gameplay are forbidden.
    • Botting. All forms of botting are forbidden. Using third party software such as "macro recorders" to play the game for you is strictly forbidden. You must be aware of what your character is doing at all times while actively engaged in gameplay. MapleMS staff has the right to "bot check" you at any time, failure to respond properly within a reasonable time frame can get you banned.
    • Packet Editing. All forms of Packet Editing or Packet Sniffing are forbidden.
    • Duping. All forms of duping are forbidden. Using any bug or glitch in the game to abnormally obtain items is not allowed. If you accidentally duplicate any items, please contact MapleMS staff immediately and discard the items. Failure to do so will result in a permanent ban.
    • Bug/Glitch Abuse. Abusing any bug or glitch to obtain an abnormal advantage is forbidden. If you believe to have found a bug/glitch that can be exploited in any way, please contact MapleMS staff immediately or you may be banned.
    • Multiple Accounts. Each person may only be logged in to a maximum of 2 accounts (1 main + 1 mule) at once.
    Negatively affecting the experience of other players is considered to be harassment and is stritly prohibited and may result in a permanent ban.
    • Harassment. Harassment will not be tolerated. Acting rude, hostile, threatening, hateful, or with other negative behavior towards other players can be considered harassment. We do not tolerate any comments targeting someone for their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality, etc. Mass defaming (using multiple characters or asking people to defame someone) is also forbidden.
    • Kill Stealing. Intentionally kill stealing or looting items is forbidden. The @mapowner command shows who owns the map and they get to decide whether others can kill/loot steal or not.
    • Scamming. All forms of scamming are forbidden. Tricking or "conning" other players into doing/paying for something that they did not intend to, or lying about receiving a reward after doing something is considered scamming.
    • False Reporting. Making false reports by deceiving MapleMS staff, impersonating someone else, or by forging fake screenshots, video, events, etc. is strictly forbidden.
    • Impersonating. Impersonating other players, and especially MapleMS staff members is forbidden.
    • Spamming. Spamming on the website or in-game using Megaphones is forbidden.
    Harming the server
    Harming, negatively affecting, or any form of undermining the running of our service is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban and government authorities may be contacted.
    • Chargeback Fraud. All forms of chargeback claims are prohibited. When donating to MapleMS, you are using your own credit card / bank account. Using someone else's property without their permission is considered fraud and we will contact your local government authorities with your personal info. You donate to show your support and dedication to our services.
    • RWT/RMT (Real World / Real Money Trading). All forms of trading using our service that do not strictly use MapleMS in-game currency (including MapleMS VIP) is forbidden. That includes trading of in-game items, mesos, fame, accounts, etc., or any in-game services (leeching, boss runs, zak/ht service, etc.) for any non-MapleMS currency (money, currency from other games/servers, products, services, etc.).
    • Advertising. Advertising, recruiting for, or encouraging players to join other servers is forbidden.
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