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    Support the server by buying credits @

    Credits can be redeemed in-game for VIP Rank and NX.

    Type @credits in-game or talk to Cody in the FM to see list of available options.

    VIP Rank benefits
    • Access to Inkwell and Cassandra in Free Market, who sell unobtainable cash items and name changes respectively.
    • Access to the VIP section in Cash Shop
    • Access to VIP commands
    VIP Commands
    • @bosshp - Shows HP of bosses in map
    • @bosstime - Shows time remaining until area boss in current map respawns
    • @buffme - Gives a few party buffs such as Haste, Meditation, Rage, Bless, Echo of Hero
    • @buyback - Buy back accidentally sold items. Shows 24/200 last items sold.
    • @dps - Measure how much damage is dealt in next 60 seconds
    • @epm - Measure how much EXP is gained in next 60 seconds
    • @filter - Filter items looted by your pet
    • @goto - Warp to various towns and bosses (no cooldown, 10 min for non-VIP)
    • @hidedmg - Hides other players' damage numbers
    • @hideskills - Hides other players' skill animations. It doesn't look pretty but it can help with laggy PCs
    • @mobhp - Shows HP of monsters in map
    • @night - Turns the background off. Change map to reset
    • @recharge - Recharge projectiles for mesos without talking to NPC
    • @sell - Sells equips without special attributes (item leveled, scrolled, tier, untradeable, SoK, one-of-a-kind, shareable, cash, unsellable). Be careful when using this command or you might sell something you wanted to keep. Buy back using @buyback
    • @toggleachievements - Disable achievement notifications
    • @togglesmega - Disable megaphones
    • @whatdropsfrom/@wdf - Lists items dropped by a monster
    • @whodrops/@wd - Lists which monsters drop a specific item
    VIP rank can not be transferred between characters.
    NX can not be transferred between accounts.
    Deleting the character will result in the VIP rank being lost.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.